Our Story

We're part of a new generation of African businesses giving pride and dignity to the most vulnerable communities in Africa. We're putting AIDS and poverty behind as we strive to see our community standing on its own feet. Through hard work and unshakeable faith, our dream is becoming a reality.

On a large plot of land generously given by a local king, families harvest organically grown herbs. Workers distill the herbs to make essential oils for soap, while women widowed by the AIDS epidemic weave gift baskets and attach labels. All workers receive fair wages, and all profits go into initiatives overseen by the local Zambian churches.

Buying this top-quality, all-natural soap is not only the best thing you can do for your skin, it's the best thing you can do for Africa.

Our Values

We are dedicated to producing a unique and wonderful soap using top quality natural, ethically wild harvested and organically grown ingredients.

Community Action
Our goal is to empower impoverished communities through small-scale development. We are not just providing jobs; we are creating a future.

Environmental Responsibility
We are committed to sustainable and organic farming techniques. Our soap production provides local farmers an alternative to destructive slash-and-burn practices.

Volunteer Advocacy
You can help! Become an advocate for the efforts of The Zambian Soap Company.

Our Commitment

Our soaps are made from all-natural ingredients including high quality essential oils, plant extracts, leaves and blossoms. We are working towards an organic certification for our ingredients. Absolutely no synthetic fragrances,
colorants or preservatives are used in our products

Because of our products' artesanal nature, ingredients may sometimes change without notice. If you have any questions, please contact info@zambiansoap.com